Type of project: Exhibition design
Project: Expo Bahrain
Location: Bahrain
Status: Project Custom
Handing over date of project: January, 2010
Client: Client Public
Built up area: 150 m2
Project team: N. Toribio, C. Zappulla with M. Tepedino and S. Yamani
Budget: Indeterminate

This exhibition aims to show the histoy of Arab culture. Hence, 20 topics have been identified and constrained by 20 glazing enclosures. These latter generate an inverted topography hanging from the ceiling which provokes new and unpredictable visions to the user. All the contents are projected onto these enclosures so as to map the inner and the outer empty surfaces with dynamic and interactive media.


Categoría de proyecto: Exhibición
Proyecto: Expo Bahrain
Localización: Bahrain
Estado de proyecto: Encargo de proyecto
Fecha de entrega de proyecto: Enero, 2010
Cliente: Cliente Público
Superficie construida: 150 m2
Equipo de proyecto: N. Toribio, C. Zappulla con M. Tepedino and S. Yamani
Presupuesto de Ejecución de Material: Indefinido


Categoria di progetto: Mostra
Progetto: Expo Bahrain
Sito: Bahrain
Fase di progetto: Progetto commissionato
Data di consegna del progetto di massima: Gennaio, 2010
Cliente: Public client
Superficie costruita: 150 m2
Team di progetto: N. Toribio, C. Zappulla con M. Tepedino and S. Yamani
Costo di realizzazione: Indeterminato