Type of project: Exhibition
Project: Tashkeel
Location: Dubai
Status: on going
Handing over date of project: 2011
Client: Creative Dialogue
Built up area: 200 m2
Project team: Nacho Toribio, Carmelo Zappulla
Collaborators: Samer Yamani
Budget: 10.000 €

In Tashkeel, a small Dubai Art Gallery, the cultural assosiation Creative Dialogue organised an exhibition to host European designers. Each designer created an A2 light box to show their work. The project consists of a dynamic chain system which drives the flux of visitors and creates multifarious views. This chain system is made of modular units digitally fabricated that can be arranged in different configurations.


Categoría de proyecto: Exposición
Proyecto: Tashkeel
Localización: Dubai
Estado de proyecto:
Fecha de entrega de proyecto: 2009
Cliente: Creative Dialogue
Superficie construida: 200 m2
Equipo de proyecto: Nacho Toribio, Carmelo Zappulla
Colaboradores: Samer Yamani
Presupuesto de Ejecución de Material: 10.000 €


Categoria di progetto: Esposizione
Progetto: Tashkeel
Sito: Dubai
Fase di progetto:
Data di consegna del progetto di massima: 2011
Cliente: Creative Dialogue
Superficie construita: 200 m2
Team di progetto: Nacho Toribio, Carmelo Zappulla
Collaboratori: Samer Yamani
Costo di realizzazione: 10.000 €