Type of project: Retail
Project: GinRaw
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Client: GinRaw
Project: External Reference: Carmelo Zappulla,
Nacho Toribio, Production Collaborator: Luca Brucculeri
Art Direction: Chu Uroz
Photo & Video: Lorenzo Patuzzo

The GinRaw is a premium gastronomic Gin produced in Barcelona by Mediterranean Premium Spirits S.L. and contained within a clean, transparent bottle. Like a new-found joy fossil, GinRaw has been protected by a rough monomaterial block. In fact this Aluminium monolith encapsulates the Gin Flavor which remains unchanged for centuries. If you want to reveal its taste you have to break the block in half, Only then will you appreciate the secret of its selected botanical ingredients coupled with a unique distillation process.

So, which may be the best way to expose GinRaw than to display it within its block?

The display is made of recycled cast aluminum which is molded and mechanically textured. Moreover, a LED light from the bottom illuminates the bottle through its liquid. Finally, each piece is punch marked with its brand and the series number.