Project: External Reference Architects (Nacho Toribio, Carmelo Zappulla) with Chu Uroz

Collaboration: Kanaka Raghavan, Enric Ruiz Sanchez

Photographer: External Reference Architects and Kanaka Raghavan

Location: Ronda Sant Antoni 41 Fábrica Moritz Barcelona

Area: 338 ㎡

Completion (date): September 2014


Factory Moritz was founded in 1856. At Factory Moritz, you can relax with a glass of beer from the local microbrewery, drink one of its 500 exclusive wines and eat international dishes in the restaurant.

The restaurant, Louis 1856, spans six generations of Moritzs. The restaurant thrives on culinary traditions and skills which are still alive in the 21st century, and is committed, more than ever, to innovation.

External Reference Architects has designed two art installations which showcase beer and wine bottles in unusual and provocative ways.

Our main goal was to separate the stairway circulation from the interior of the restaurant Louis 1856, and we believe this has been achieved through designing the Hive.

The Hive consists of wine bottles piled up in metal cylinders. The Hive is able to create structure which generates an intimate space and allows to look through the beer tanks. Light coming from outside enters the glass and is reflected by the steel surfaces. The Hive fluctuates in space and sparkles with colors.

Each of its components is an informative pixel of a big screen where corporative messages are projected.

One further key accessory of Louis 1856 is the Wine Spiral, an iconic techno-chandelier which helps make an intimate atmosphere. The warm, red light coming out of the bottle wonderfully matches the scarlet color of the wines.