Type of project: Retail and visual merchandising / Store design
Project: M-store 2
Location: Fabrica Moritz,Barcelona, Spain
Status: Built
Opening: 01-9-2015

Project team: External Reference Architects (Nacho Toribio, Carmelo Zappulla), IED Master Students
Graphic designer: Guillerm Pericai, Illustration (Giovanni Bruni)
Photographer: Lorenzo Patuzzo

Moritz, a beer company based in Barcelona since 1856, when it was founded by French man Louis Moritz Trautmann, returned to business in 2004. Previously, the company had almost been wiped out during the 70´s. Since then the company has gone from strength to strength, erupting onto the scene. Impacting not just on the business landscape but also revitalizing the cultural life of the city.

As a result notable examples of industrial and hospitality architecture were recovered. The Velodrome Bar or Mortitz Factory, originaly served as production centers but are now positioned as a flagship leisure centers in Barcelona. This complex contains not only spaces dedicated to gastronomy but also a concept store in which a diverse selection of products related to the world of culture and design are on offer. Moritz, is actively strengthening it´s ties with the city, carrying out a collaboration with students of the Master in Interior Design of the Istituto Europeo di Design coordinated by Nacho Toribio and Carmelo Zappulla (External Reference Architects), working in coordination with Chu Uroz, Art Director of the factory. The students, supervised by their teachers, designed a display space according to a brief which is renewed and updated each year. The store offers a careful selection of products, coordinated with a script that highlights communication with each edition.

M-Store 2, pays tribute to classic design which never go out of fashion. These designs are heirs to the aesthetic values of nineteenth century’s industrial design. This industrial machine like feel and timelessness, leads us to the world of Steampunk in which the British Victorian and Edwardian appearance, imagery from the industrial revolution is stitched together with early science fiction literature. Creating a fantastical civilization built on a technological discovery based on the power of steam. Drawing on a palate of leather, wood, copper and iron builds an atmosphere accompanied by recovered nineteenth century Catalan industrial machinery. Mechanical devices highlight areas of the exhibition created by specialist Kinetic Steam Work artists.