Type of project: Event design
Project: Moda Fad
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Status: Built
Opening: 2015

Project team: External Reference Architects
(Nacho Toribio, Carmelo Zappulla)
Collaborators: Kanaka Raghavan

The cultural entity devoted to fashion design MODAFAD, holds each year a competition to highlight and reward fashion students’ Final Projects.
Public fashion shows are organized within public landmarks of Barcelona. The last edition was held at the Barcelona Maritime Museum, located in the Royal Shipyards of Barcelona, dedicated to shipbuilding between the thirteenth and eighteenth centuries.
The shipyards were initially fenced enclosures containing ephemeral installations. Fourteenth century structures with rectangular bays bounded by pillars and arches. Resting on these elements, large diaphragm arches outline the gable roof shape of the nave.
With all this, the architectural context with its Gothic style and its historical use as a shipyard determined the design conceptually. The repetition of structural arches acts as a start point to start an exercise of mimicking a fashion show atmosphere. In parallel, the construction system of wooden boats with timbers fixed on a keel, guided us to a volume generation system through ribs digitally produced and then assembled using a notching system again inspired by the original ship wrights.
Finally, the catwalk was colonized by a series of pieces that reinterpreted the image of ancient beached ships whose naked frames textured the pavement with dramatic shadows producing an expressive theatrical atmosphere.