Seat event

Project: Carmelo Zappulla, Nacho Toribio, collaboration with VICE

Location: Barcelona

Design: December 2015

When it comes with industrial buildings it becomes crucial to find the balance between the existing context and the new intervention. In our case the project plays a peculiar role in the dialogue between the existing industrial warehouses character and the light, sophisticate and technological proposal. In doing so, the project makes an interpretation of the existing spaces wrapping the interior of the industrial building and redefining their spatiality. A new technological skin pervades the regular geometry of the warehouses generating a new aerodynamic space. This Skin continues outside through the existing opening, producing covered terraces. Moreover, this skin embeds a programmed LED light system that evokes the Sunset colors.

People get to the space in the bus stop, a path highlighted with vertical banners bring the visitors to the entrance wherein a reception desk takes place. After the gathering people leave their mobile phone and receive the badge. In this first area a room for security staff takes place together with a cloakroom and a first aid kit room.

After the checking in people enter a space surrounded by ‘shipping container city show’.

The building-like containers showcase the A-SUV in the bottom part and in the upper part reveals the advertisement. The inclined side of the buildings is mirrored to enhance the visitor perception and therefore showing the top of the cars during the performance. At the same time this specular surface reflects the spectacular sunset panorama. These building are partially translucent, so they act as big lamps during the event emitting and reinforcing the sunset light.

The main purpose of the project is inducing a deep sensory experience through light, music and projections. Above, a topographic ceiling generates an attractive, evocative cell, punctuated by the deep music rhythm.

All in all, the whole project should be thought of as a welcoming space where the visitors can appreciate a sensorial experience and discover the new cars showcased by SEAT.