La furla dels Baus office



External Reference Architects (Nacho Toribio, Carmelo Zappulla)


Maja Górowska, Martyna Krajewska, Ioana Coman, Giovanni Bruni,  Carlos BauzaPhotographer

External Reference Architects


C/ de Pujades, 77, Barcelona

Built area

182 m2

Completion (date)

November 2015

La Fura dels Baus is a Spanish theatrical group founded in 1979 in Barcelona, known for its commitment to “urban” theatre, use of unusual settings, and elimination of the boundaries between actor and audience, where the latter becomes an essential part of the show. La Fura’s style is so unique that it has become a worldwide recognised theatrical trend. Moreover, the group’s language is so exceptional deserving the label of “Furan language”.

In the performances of La Fura del Baus one of the most important factors is the human body, seen both in its beauty and ugliness. This office is a biomorphic, pulsating, luminous stomach which digests and metabolises ideas. Herein, boundaries between acting and working are overcome.

The project features the insertion of an object within an already existing rectangular room. Overall, the project aims to produce an inner and an exterior space both suitable for meetings, exhibitions, performances and office work. The exterior space is an informal and individual space used as storage room, archive, private meeting room and a space for copy machines.

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