UP-Level W Hotel | 2019

Project: UP Level. 

Client: W Hotel.

Location: Barcelona, Spain.

Author: External Reference, Carmelo Zappulla. 

Team: Stefano Fontolan, Sebastian Amorelli, Amin Bigdeli, Vianella Maestra. 

Project Manager: 


In this project we transform a cul-de-sac into an element of connection between the W-Hotel plaza and the beach boulevard, not only with a stairway saving the height but with a landscape element that adds value to the environment.

We have proposed two alternatives. In the first one we conserve the existing retaining wall, transforming a path into a staircase with a landscape character. This designed landscape is also characterized by different panels where vegetation may lodge and grow.

The second proposal has a greater impact as it transforms and dramatically modifies the existing retaining wall. In this version, the plaza is extended until it becomes part of the boulevard, while various green spaces, amphitheaters and oriels enhance the landscape.

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