Type of project: Event Design
Project: Moda Fad
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Status: Built
Handing over date of project: July 2013
Client: Moda Fad
Built up area: 600 m2
Project team: Nacho Toribio, Carmelo Zappulla
Collaborators: Pawel Kochanski
Budget: 5.000 €

Wild animals are great buddies for brave and extravagant ideas of young Spanish fashion designers. They can reveal an uncontrolled behavior in their habitat, but in the D-Hub fashion show environment you’ll be surprised by their striking attitude.
Eye-catching, agile, fast, majestic, elegant, light, animals that won’t distract you from the show. Don’t be afraid if the “beasts” aren’t just a background, because they love the catwalk, they parade amongst the models walking beside them. We all live in the same wildwood.

These amazing animals are famous for their graceful discretion. Transparent net silhouettes live in the modern jungle of the contemporary fashion. Fragile and delicate wireframes “skeletons” produce new landscapes where novelty and unpredictability emerge from their overlapping.

Shining with UV light before the show started, they dominate the catwalk field. But when the lights are on, and the show starts, they vanished into the background leaving protagonism to the fashion show.