Make it memorable

Our designs are landscapes that engage visitors and take them on a journey through the exhibition. We create experiential spaces, where people feel bright emotions and engage with unique VR/AR cases.

We demonstrate innovation and technology through architecture and design in our exhibitions.

Design a journey for your customers

We shape retail spaces that reflect your brand’s culture, identifying the driving values that embody a certain lifestyle and transforming them into breathtaking architecture.

Being innovators, in modern spaces we offer unique scenarios, leveraging latest VR and AR technologies and providing consultancy services.

The good life, augmented

Our designs move seamlessly from architecture to a restaurant’s gastronomic culinary experience, a spa’s therapeutic treatment or a luxury hotel lobby.

As winners of SBID Award ”World best restaurant 2017”, we offer exclusive and fresh design concepts in the hospitality sphere.

Building dreams

We combine aesthetic beauty with sustainable design, integrating our buildings seamlessly in the local context in order to create better cities.

Immensely small

We create individual products using craftsmanship and the latest technology. Whether it is a table, ladder or a chandelier, it becomes an exclusive art piece and a center of attention.

Activating public space

We consider the urban space the scenography where our daily lives develop. With this in mind, we design public spaces in a way that they are able to generate memorable experiences enriching the development of each of our own collective stories.

A window to the future

We love being involved. As consultants, we love incorporating our External Reference vision to yours in any way needed, be it in concept development or technical assistance in order to complete a successful project together.