Project: External Reference Architects (Nacho Toribio, Carmelo Zappulla) with Chu Uroz

Chef: Jordi Vilà

A/V: Onion Lab

Lighting: Josep Civit

Collaborators: Stuart Maggs, Elena Mitrofanova, Pierfrancesco Nicotra, Daniela De Luca

Photographer: Adría Goula, External Reference Architects

Location: Ronda Sant Antoni 41 Fábrica Moritz Barcelona

The restaurant is located in the city center of Barcelona, on the main floor of a modernist building (dating back to 1864) left unoccupied for 40 years. The project design has been carried out taking into consideration two elements: the pre-existing architectural context (including its old patina and typology) and the specific gastronomic offer of the Michelin-starred restaurant Alkimia (which is 80% based on fish).

The restaurant Alkimia has been conceived of as a continuous scenography fostering a seamless sensory experience. The different parts of this scenography feature sea life-inspired skins, art installations and custom-made furniture which establish a unique relationship with the surrounding space. Nothing is forever, everything is custom-made.

In order to preserve the existing architecture, neither structural interventions nor permanent transformation of the context have been proposed. Even the old patina on the walls has been kept. Overall, the project is based on a dialogue between digital fabrication and craftsmanship.