Les Marees


Project: External Reference Architects (Nacho Toribio, Carmelo Zappulla) with BAD architecture

Location: Libreville, Gabon

Site area: 7245.975 m2

Date: July 2014


The site is located on the much coveted west coastline of Central Africa with direct access to the beach. The strategic location of the site in the Eden of Gabon demands that we blend into the tropical habitat without much intrusion.

Surrounded by extraordinary views of the sea, all the residences in the building enjoy luxurious floor plans. The north-south facades of the units are intentionally varying in porosity and transparency, connecting the interiors to the scenic tropical coastline.

The units are arranged in a pattern inspired by traditional African weaving patterns making sure that maximum residences can enjoy the view of the marina barrier free.

Since the majority of prime views are on the west end of the site, the recreational facilities are located right beside the beach almost making the site blend into the coastline and allowing the residents to completely enjoy the views of the ocean beyond.

The canopy unifies all the independent residential units under one roof and provides much relief from the equatorial heat and accelerates ventilation for the entire site. In addition the green spine with intimate landscape details acts as an extension of the tropical flora into the complex providing the residents their very own rainforest.