Anthropocene Landscape. teaching

Is there any sharply defined boundary separating the natural from the artificial? Is it inevitable that we treat the products of human activity as artificial and, thus, as irremediably detached from nature?

The studio’s mission is precisely to investigate the city environment from an essentially non-anthropocentric point of view, as we believe that in a global world it is impossible to draw neat boundaries between nature and artifice, landscape and city, and ultimately between the biosphere and the urban-sphere.

The studio includes contributions from several disciplines, spanning bio-technologies, computation theory and crafts, all of which will enable us to design the future Anthropocene Landscape. Claudia Pasquero and Carmelo Zappulla directed the Studio with the collaboration of Nuria Pueyo (HTGAA Program) and Maria Kuptsova (Assistant).

The projects received feedback from an international jury board composed by Rachel Amstrong, Enric Ruiz Geli, Stuart Maggs, Aldo Sollazzo and Areti Markopoulou (IAAC Academic Director) among others.