Portugal, 2021

Project: Amar Porto Covo

Location: Porto Covo, Portugal.

Author: External Reference

Team: Francesco Sacconi, Iacopo Neri, Amin Bigdeli, Ivan Marchuk, Raissa Pertierra 

Project Management: External Reference.

This project envisions an Epicurean/Boho-chic hotel complex, offering a unique experience that diverges from traditional hospitality norms. The design revolves around three distinct operational sectors: the social area, accommodations, and internal support services, each serving a specific function in this comprehensive setup.
Incorporating the existing architecture seamlessly into the landscape, the project maintains a strong visual and functional coherence while actively mitigating environmental impact. The design champions efficiency and consciously addresses energy and ecological considerations to minimize any adverse effects on the surroundings.
To ensure authenticity and respect the local context, the materials and construction technologies employed are driven by the principles of sustainable development. Whenever feasible, local materials are used, including cork for finishing and structural elements, and rammed earth technology for the facade walls. This choice not only supports local industries but also harmonizes the structure with its environment.
The landscape design, too, is thoughtfully crafted, considering the specific attributes of the relief and terrain. By incorporating elements that reflect the character of the local environment, the project achieves a seamless integration with its surroundings. This project embodies a commitment to sustainability, local identity, and design excellence, creating a distinctive and responsible hotel experience.