Croatia, 2020

Project: Malinska Hotel

Client: Privete client

Location: Croatia

Author: External Reference 

Team: Francesco Sacconi, Iacopo Neri, Sebastian Amorelli, Mateus Sartori

Project Management: External Reference.

Situated in Malinska, our resort seeks to establish a vibrant, thriving community that offers a plethora of amenities typically found in a bustling town. The resort encompasses a park, botanical garden, sports facilities, wellness areas, a medical center, along with diverse retail and food & beverage options.
Our goal with this project is to amplify the inherent beauty of Malinska and stimulate the growth of Croatia›s tourism sector by introducing an internationally recognized holiday destination. The resort serves as an experiential hub, featuring workshops and an amphitheater that accommodates various performances, music, and entertainment events, thereby acting as a dynamic centerpiece in this scenic landscape.
As Malinska›s exclusive five-star resort, our facility is designed to operate throughout the year, providing comprehensive beauty and health services. It houses a state-of-the-art medical center that offers advanced rejuvenation, weight loss, and health diagnostic programs. Our apartments are luxuriously designed and equipped with the latest technology, offering access to the resort›s extensive infrastructure, a standout advantage of this complex.
The resort aims to become a prominent beacon of Croatian tourism, combining world-class architecture, natural splendor, and a rich infrastructure to cater to a diverse clientele. Its development will undoubtedly enhance the surrounding infrastructure, benefiting both local roads and neighboring cities.