24 Kilates The Clockwork, Bangkok | 2019

Project: 24 Kilates ”The Clockwork”.

Client: 24 Kilates.

Location: Soi Thong Io, Sukhumvit 55, Bangkok, Thailand.

Author: Carmelo Zappulla, External Reference & Chu Uroz. 

Team: Carmelo Zappulla, Francesco Sacconi, Iacopo Neri, Javier Alascio, Stefano Fontolan, Montakan Manosong, Daria Przybylowska. 

Project Manager: Stefano Fontolan, Piyavat Saphakkul, 

Contractor: AQP Company Limited. 

The Clockwork is the most ambitious project yet a 4-story flagship store in one of Bangkok’s unequivocally cool streets Thonglor.

Luxury, complexity and perfection are the key words of the brand we wanted to express through the building, conceived as a giant robotic mechanism not only from the outside but from the inside where it is also possible to explore and discover the detailed mechanisms that push it.

A sequence of unique spaces that guide the clients and allow them to discover the variety of limited-edition sneakers and clothes that the company sells. The Clockwork is highly detailed just like the internal mechanism of a clock, in which every square centimeter is designed and thought.

The big round transparent screen of the facade breaks with the context where is located showing the brand’s content. While in the ground floor walls are covered by hundreds of metal pieces showcasing sneakers with a DJ performing live the rest of the building is focused on clothes and exhibitions.