Bangkok, 2018

Project: 24 Kilates – The Mine.

Client: 24 Kilates.

Location: Bangkok, Thailand.

Author: External Reference; Carmelo Zappulla & Chu Uroz. 

Team: Stefano Fontolan, Iustinian Nanu. 

Project Management: External Reference.

Collaborators: AQP Company Limited.

Once again the 24 Kilates company has trusted External Reference Architects to create a store that reflects and evidences their unique identity as a trailblazer in the sneaker retail industry. For their second store in Asia, it was not only important to showcase their large selection of original and eye-catching sneakers but also to allow the customer to discover their selection of special edition shoes created for acclaimed brands such as Nike, Adidas, Diadora and Puma.
24-carat gold is what represents the brand’s essence and identity. In their first Asian concept store 24K The Vault, is characterized as an exclusive golden treasury filled with safes and safety boxes that invite the customer to discover products that are showcased as unique and valuable treasures. Every treasure must be extracted from somewhere so this time around it was time to go back to the roots. 24K The Mine is an experience of descending deep into the mines where these treasures are unearthed and produced.
Deep in the bowels of the gold mine, the customer can hunt and discover unique custom products the same way a miner would for precious gold and gems. Nested between the raw gold, the shafts, and the mine carts, the customer can shop and explore the unique selection embedded inside.