Beirut, 2017

Project: Citadelle.

Client: Private Client.

Location: Beirut, Lebanon.

Author: External Reference; Carmelo Zappulla & BAD Architects; Ali Basbous. 

Team: Javier Alascio, Stefano Fontolan, Sebastian Amorelli. 

This exclusive hotel welcomes its guests with sensual stone: we reimagined XXI century luxury with the use of digital instruments that allow us to sculpt stone as if it were soft drapery. We turned commonplace materials like wood and stone into luxury elements, carefully moulding them into gracious and appealing environments for an unforgettable moment of repose. This design is inspired by the sensuality of sculptures from the Italian Renaissance. We interpreted the artistic element through a pattern that simulates its curves. With the CNC milling process, the stone cladding has been turned into its sumptuous contemporary form.