Dt-360-Bcn-Ps / Dt-360-Bcn-Ap / Dt-360-Bcn-Dc

Barcelona, 2023

Project: Data TrasfTormation 360, Barcelona, Public Safety [Ps]
Data Trasformation360, Barcelona, Air Pollution [Ap]
Data Trasformation360, Barcelona, Daily Commuting [Dc]

Location: Barcelona, Spain.

Author: External Reference; Carmelo Zappulla. 

Collaborators: La Maquina.

Dt-360-Bcn-Ps Waves surround us in our daily lives. Sound, electromagnetic, seismic, etc. But also, in the form of waves we can represent any data that have a certain frequency, such as the public safety in a particular area of the city. In this case, the frequency will be the recurrence, and the amplitude will be the the seriousness of security threats in Barcelona. Dt-360-Bcn-Ap The artwork DT-360-BCN-AP is based on the concept of fields surrounding us (Electromagnetic, Thermal, Atmospheric etc.). For each point in space has been assigned some value. It was then converted into a vector. And along these vectors, the lines of the pattern were generated. Dt-360-Bcn-Dc Every day thousands of people move within the city. They commute to and from work, forming regular flows. We can visualize this data by taking particles and reaction diffusion as the basis. ​