Feria Internacional del Libro

Guadalajara, 2023

Project: FIL Guadalajara

Client: VJW International

Location: Guadalajara, México.

Author: External Reference

Team: Regina García, Sebastian Amorelli

Project Management: External Reference.

Status: Built

During the 2023 Guadalajara International Book Fair, External Reference, led by Carmelo Zappulla, designed the European Union Pavilion as the guest of honor under the theme “Building a Union of Cultures.” With an area of 1,130 m², the pavilion hosts a literary and artistic program aimed at strengthening relationships with Mexico and Latin America. Inspired by the New European Bauhaus, it seeks to create beautiful and sustainable spaces. The design, emphasizing the identity of the EU, uses geometric shapes and colors to differentiate functions, with a focus on cohesion. The complex installation hosts literary and cultural events, featuring integrated spaces such as a bookstore, central agora, digital media library, and an interactive installation. Pioneering in experiential design, External Reference creates a stunning pavilion with geometric patterns and a textile roof representing each EU member country. The interactive space in the center symbolizes the union between craftsmanship and technology, aiming to strengthen cultural ties between Mexico and the EU. Traditional materials, such as sarape fabric, are used alongside innovative elements, such as 3D-printed plants with recycled plastic filament and PURE.TECH technology, which absorbs CO2. Following the values of the new Bauhaus—style, sustainability, and inclusion—the pavilion’s design takes into consideration the circularity of the materials used, recycling at least 70% of its entirety.