Barcelona, 2019

Project: La Monumental.

Client: D-stage.

Location: Barcelona, Spain.

Author: External Reference, Carmelo Zappulla

Team:  Sebastian Amorelli, Amin Bigdeli, Stefano Fontolan, Josep Alcover, Iacopo Neri. 


This project is the first WOW, where the entire concept of WOW has emerged. It is located in the Monumental building, a former bull arena, which is to be transformed into a concept store. The idea is to preserve the existing building and to integrate an architectural intervention that is in harmony with the existing building. This intervention is represented by a detached structure floating in the middle of the space and generating different scenarios, such as commercial spaces inside the new building, and covered green space at the bottom of the arena. The space between this eye-catching contemporary object and the rest of the building where we introduce temporary commercial areas by using the same circulation system and adding extra containers with new brands inside of the space.