Roma, 2023

Project: Pinko

Client: Pinko

Location: Roma, Italy

Author: External Reference; Carmelo Zappulla

Team:  Sebastian Amorelli, Vianella Maestra, Anton Koshelev, Daniel Sorial, Gianmarco Daniele, Silvia Signorello, Regina García.

Project Management: External Reference

Status: Built

Pinko’s new flagship store in Rome seeks to redefine the existing retail experience through design and fabrication innovation. The store presents a monochromatic palette enhanced with a 3D printed skin that gradually transitions to the brands iconic pink hue towards the ceiling. This skin also subtly morphs from straight lines to sinuous curves, echoing the brand’s iconic patterns used on their clothing.
Complementing the design is an intricate network of over 800 programmable LED lights integrated within the 3D skin. These lights produce delicate animations that not only illuminate the space but also spotlight the showcased clothes, creating a captivating visual spectacle.
To maximize the store’s compact space, the cash desk operations have been centralized within a sculptural element. This keeps the operations hidden yet readily accessible, enhancing the shopping space.
One of the store›s standout features is an expansive infinity mirror installed on the ceiling. Made from reflective surfaces and flexible screens, it generates a mesmerizing illusion of endless digital art overhead.
The combination of physical patterns, programmable lights, and immersive digital art offers customers a unique retail journey. In Pinko’s Rome Flagship store, customers step into an immersive world that makes them feel like the protagonists of their own fashion narrative. The resulting user experience is not just memorable but also evokes the spirit of the Pinko brand.