Barcelona, 2022

Location: Barcelona, Spain.

Author: External Reference; Carmelo Zappulla.

“Light Scape” exemplifies a transformative design endeavor that translates Barcelona’s city sounds into visual radiance. The intricate piece operates at the intersection of frequency representation, converting sound into light and imbuing it with local craftsmanship. Every line in the artwork represents a frequency, meticulously extracted from field recordings of the city’s unique soundscape, converted via advanced parametric design systems into 12 distinct frequencies.

The work takes advantage of the inherent ambiguity in nature, where both sound and light travel in waves, to construct a lighting piece that encapsulates the city’s essence. Despite its futuristic allure, the luminary utilizes time-honored neon technology, employing energy-efficient Argon gas which allows for light visualization within space and propagates a living, dynamic element.

Part of the “Superficie Absoluta” exhibition at Casa Seat, and Hopera Aperta in Milan for the 2022 Design Week “Light Scape” integrates innovation and artistic experimentation to create an expressive, sensory light experience that subtly narrates the city’s soundscape.