Barcelona, 2013

Project: Moritz M-Store.

Client: Moritz.

Location: Barcelona, Spain.

Author: External Reference, Carmelo Zappulla, Nacho Toribio, and Chu Uroz, and IED Master Students. 

Team: Pawel Kochanski, Carolina Tarkovska,
Ebi Abdoh, Michelle Levy, Marjolein van der Woude.

‘The Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona’ shop has its own name M-STORE. A unique store dedicated to design offering collector’s products. Each piece is unique and special, reinforcing the character of Moritz’. The shop is part of the historic Moritz building refurbished by Jean Nouvel. Its art director Chu Uroz oversees a space that changes each year.
The concept for the new season is ‘Souvenirs’, and our goal is to create a new eye-catching outlook for this shop. Through a collaboration with the Master of Interior Design, IED Barcelona, External Reference Architects will define a new geography of souvenirs coming from abroad. In doing so 3 main operations have been developed, The World Map: A map on the wall showcasing the locations where Moritz is active all over the world. Therefore, a linear connection has been established between the localities on the map and the relevant souvenirs exhibited on the table; The Topographic Table: a three-dimensional rhombus-pattern produces a display hierarchy which leads the visitor through the varied topography-showcase. Therefore this landscape supports the souvenirs and connects them with the Map; The ‘M’: A huge metal “M” located in the shop window is filled with unprocessed, fresh beer bottles which, when hit by the sunlight produce a colored light effect in the shop. The ‘M’ is the manifesto of the different kind of beers sold by the company around the world.