Presented By / Crep Protect 2, London | 2019

Project: Presented By / Crep Protect Retail Store.

Client: Presented By / Crep Protect.

Location: 2, Percy St, London, UK.

Author: External Reference, Carmelo Zappulla. 

Team: Stefano Fontolan, Sebastian Amorelli, Vianella Maestra, Ilaria Rampazzo, Guglielmo Messina. 

Project Manager: 


After making the first store in Percy Street in conjunction with CREP PROTECT our clients of Presented By request us the second one, a store more focused on the sale of clothes.

Reusing the same concept, we adapt it to this new space with a vaulted system where we integrate high technology and crafts, hybridizing with the London Underground. The floor is a monochromatic element that provides neutrality to the space while the blocks of wood cover the entire space from the walls to the ceiling, generating a gradient of light with a striking effect inward forming different situations within the same space.

We take advantage of the existing staircase as an exhibition element and when we reach the floor below, we find a more commercial space that focuses on the original products line of the brand, unlike the street level floor performing as a concept store.

Upon reaching this floor we find a central element that acts as a counterpoint to the entrance staircase where we expose accessories, while on the sides we find exposure elements formed by metal tubes. In the background we find the counter.

The VIP room uses the same geometry, but with different materialization focusing on offering the VIP customer a different experience, a lounge with personalized attention. This room has a back patio where we perform an LED installation.

We also include interactive testers where we incorporate augmented reality to offer advice to clients or try different pieces digitally.