London, 2019

Project: Presentedby x Harvey Nichols. 

Client: Presentedby.

Location: London, UK. 

Author: External Reference; Carmelo Zappulla. 

Team: Sebastian Amorelli. 

Project Management: External Reference.

Collaborators: Lloc Audiovisuales, Oxido Studio, Onionlab. 

For the concession launch of the Presentedby brand at the Harvey Nichols department stores across the UK we sought to maintain and further develop the characteristic brand identity that was created years back on our first collaboration with them for their flagship store in London. The brick waves created for the first Presentedby store have come to be an integral part of their brand identity and image, but this time in their collaboration with Harvey Nichols we had to take this much further. The new programmable Techno Brick Wave represents the jump the brand has made along these years to become one of the country’s go-to-references in sneaker and urban hype culture. The programmable wall maintains the brand’s signature image but allows them to re-image the interior constantly by simply updating the visual content displayed on the wall and in this way maintaining that fresh feel that has come to represent them. The fitting originally created for the Harvey Nichols flagship store in Knightsbridge had to allow for rapid replication for the brand’s expansion plan across the multiple Harvey Nichols stores in the UK. Even though each brick is a unique piece, by the implementation of algorithmic design combined with industrial laser cutting technology and a bespoke joining mechanism, the fitting can be adapted to the different stores throughout the UK, from the design stage to having it assembled and working in less than a month.