Dubai, 2020

Project: Presentedby x Level Shoes.

Client: Presentedby.

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Author: External Reference; Carmelo Zappulla. 

Team: Sebastian Amorelli, Ilaria Rampazzo, Stefano Fontolan.

Collaborators: Noumena, OnionLab, Oxido Taller, Lloc Audiovisuales, ERCO.

Awards: Winner | Interior Design – Retail/Shops, BLT Design Awards 2021.

Honorable Mention | Interior Design/Retail, Architecture Masterprize 2021.

The new store is conceived more as an experiential space rather than a shop, being unique in the world of retail and featuring the latest 3D printing fabrication and audiovisual technologies. It is conceived as an interactive exhibition space where digital dimension informs the physical and viceversa. The Presentedby shop is located at the ground floor of Level Shoes, world’s largest luxury shoe store spanning over 96,000 square feet within The Dubai Mall.
Even before going in, the customer is captured by a double funnel-shaped entrance covered with screens that uses outstanding projections images starting right away the fully immersive experience. Presentedby features interactive and dynamic projections on the floor, being sensible to foot traffic and making the space more playful. The 3D printed lattice walls, with their sinuous shapes, are inspired by the technologies and 3D parameters used by all fashion brands to produce sneakers nowadays. A recurring feature of the Presentedby stores is to display the sneakers diagonally, thus having a complete view of the collections from multiple points of view. These wall also features impressive projections that can be programmed to be on and off when needed.
The shop, coinceved as one space, has three different areas: the cashdesk area, with the counter and illuminated lockers behind; the semi-circular apparel area, with the streetwear, accessories, fitting rooms and a claw machine; the experience room. At the center of the space the ultimate experience capsule displays, in the first part, a collection of the most exclusive trainers, a sort of mini sneakers museum. The second part of the experience room performs a spectacular holographic and projections show giving the room an idea of infinite space.