Riyadh, 2022

Project: Presentedby x Riyadh.

Client: Presentedby in partnership with Silkway Company part of Al Hokair Group.

Location: Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Author: External Reference; Carmelo Zappulla.

Team:  Sebastian Amorelli, Forum Shah, Ivan Marchuk, Irina Shaklova, Jihad Al Ojaili.

Project Management: External Reference.

General Contractor: Nourseen Alsharq.

Collaborators: Noumena, Oxido Taller, Lloc audiovisuals, OnionLab.

Photography: Presentedby.

The new Presentedby in U-Walk by Arabian Centres in Riyadh, in partnership with the Silkway Company part of Al Hokair Group, draws inspiration from the oasis that populate the Saudi desert and the importance of water in these systems. Water shapes the landscape both physically and metaphorically. The design of the store is a reflective process about water. Understanding its physical morphology and translating it into parametric sculptures and virtual digital simulations.
When entering the store, the customer has to pass through a programmable water curtain that separates the oasis from the exterior. The programmable system of nozzles and valves generate a responsive waterfall that opens up to allow the entrance into the interior space. This system takes centre stage again at the heart of the store where a bespoke water printer (a matrix of programable nozzles that are able to translate digital images into physical ones made out of falling water) emits animated water holograms and sculptures, not only creating high visual impact but also refreshing the atmosphere and transporting the customer’s mind through the sound of falling water.
Flowing water becomes the method for generating the morphological displays where the products are exhibited in the shop. The lateral displays are a sculptural interpretation of cascading water. Simulated, falling through the sneakers, water is frozen in time to create 17-metre-long and 3.5-metre-tall display walls on either side of the shop. The walls are fully 3D printed by La Máquina using PLA and PureTech material (a natural mineral compound that neutralises greenhouse gases by capturing and converting CO2 into inert minerals).
Pebble flooring creates a strong synergy with water and its context. Animated water is projected on top of it creating the sensation of depth, and as the client walks, the content interacts and plays around their feet. Approaching the cash desk counter, an array of screens simulates digital cascades completing the immersive experience.
A subtle mirror corridor located in the digital waterfall leads the customer to a VIP Lounge area, created to deliver an intimate and private relationship with a special clientele. The lounge is wrapped with screens and a mirror ceiling where animated liquid embraces and transforms the space for a fully immersive unique customer experience.