Punta Ballena Uruguay, 2024

Project: Amar Porto Covo

Location:Cam. Marítimo, Punta Ballena Uruguay

Author: External Reference

Team: Stefano Fontolan, Sebastian Amorelli, Amin Bigdeli, Victor Engelhard, Daniel Sorial

Project Management: External Reference.

The Punta del Chileno sustainable luxury development is envisioned as a harmonious blend of modern luxury and environmental steward-ship.
Situated on three adjacent plots mere a 15 minute drive away from the renowned Punta del Este, this development aims to set a new standard for high-end living that is deeply respectful of its natural surroundings.
The project seeks to unify these plots into a cohesive community that prioritizes sustainable practices, local materials, and cutting-edge design, all while offering an unparal-leled living experience.