Barcelona, 2020

Project: Sayrach Principal Office Club.

Client: Sayrach Office Club.

Location: Barcelona, Spain. 

Author: External Reference; Carmelo Zappulla, and Chu Uroz. 

Team: Francesco Sacconi, Stefano Fontolan, Sebastian Amorelli, Vianella Maestra.

Project Management: External Reference.

Collaborators: La Maquina, Medio Design & Digital Fabrication, Oxido Taller. 

Photography: Adrià Goula.

Casa Sayrach is a historically preserved modernist building in Barcelona designed in 1918 by Manuel Sayrach, inspired by natural and marine elements in homage to Catalonia and the Mediterranean. The main floor of the building was reformed by External Reference, this emblematic space of the city into a new concept of a shared office, the Sayrach Principal Office Club, which is also the studio’s office.

The space is designed in harmony with the artistic tailor-made furniture, establishing a relationship of continuity and rupture at the same time and offering a dialogic reading of the context that enhances the characteristics of the space. We introduced an exclusive and contemporary space that stems from the elements of the building: the structures and components of the organic world are monitored, studied, and designed through parametric design, the creative process that allows the finding of design solutions using data and parameters in the form of algorithms. The materials for the production are innovative and sustainable.
The Mangrove table is 3D printed from an advanced polymer used and combined with a natural compound capable of mineralizing that absorbs the CO2 biomimicking the process of photosynthesis; The Spinal table is made by milling solid beech with 5-axis machines; The Milky table digitally translates the bacterial communities of raw milk, transforming them into an innovative white Corian cast table. Between organic morphologies and new technologies, craftsmanship, and digital, history and contemporaneity, we created a collection of rooms where you can dream, imagine, and create, where you can meet and produce new intellectual synergies together