Spinal Table | 2018

Project: Spinal Table | Casa Sayrach Collection.

Client: Pastoret.

Location: Casa Sayrach, Avenida Diagonal 423-425, Barcelona, Spain.

Author: External Reference, Carmelo Zappulla. 

Team: Francesco Sacconi, Vianella Maestra. 

Project Manager: – 

Production: Medio Design. 

Another piece for the Sayrach´s house collection, in Barcelona. If you enter the lobby of this historic monument, you immediately realise that it is an homage to the beauty and morphology of marine world: seashells, jellyfish, water and even a sculpture of a whale’s skeleton.

This last one inspired the design of the “Spinal Table“, a piece based on the serial repetition of vertebrae. Designed through the use of parametric tools the table was built milling solid beech.


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