Barcelona, 2023

Project: VICIO

Client: VICIO

Location: Barcelona, Spain.

Author: External Reference

Team: Stefano Fontolan, Niccolò Battilana, Agustina Raskin, Elsa Rodriguez, Daniela Matera, Giulio Montefoschi, Martina Ensinck.

Project Management: External Reference.

Collaborators: Lloc Audiovisuales

Status: Built

Vicio is one of the hottest brands to emerge recently in the burgeoning food delivery scene in Barcelona. They are known for their outstanding burgers and their bold and tongue-in-cheek branding and marketing. For their expansion into dine-in locations, External Reference was commissioned to create the new brand identity for Vicio’s first physical location in Madrid, which will later be adopted in their global expansion. The team proposed two unique concepts based on their audacious online identity out of which one was selected for further development and execution.
Contemporary urban culture is one of the most defining aspects Vicio’s brand DNA and this is what inspires our first design concept. The interior is defined by an array of window display’s those showcase elements of Vicio’s identity and journey so far. A continuous digital billboard, dynamic lighting, sound and art come together to create an immersive dine-in experience. The extension of the city context materializes in the lower level as part of an underground metro station featuring metal infrastructure and neon signage.