Madrid, 2022

Project: Wow Restaurant.

Client: Dimas Gimeno.

Location: Madrid, Spain.

Author: External Reference

Team: Francesco Sacconi, Gianmarco Daniele, Vianella Maestra, Silvia Signorello, Regina García, Raissa Pertierra

Project Management: External Reference.

Situated in the penthouse of the historic Gran Via 18 building in Madrid, the WOW Restaurant is an enchanting culinary destination steeped in cultural charm. The building, once known as Hotel Roma, first opened its doors in 1915 and has since witnessed myriad chapters of history unfold.
The unique concept of WOW Restaurant brings to life the whimsical idea of dining in the opulent penthouse of The Spanish King, a prominent Spanish influencer. Through this lens, every room in the apartment is imaginatively transformed into a distinctive gastronomic space. Each room, still teeming with personal belongings, weaves a story of the life and personality of its imagined inhabitant. The living room, bedroom, recording studio, and even the bathroom – all become part of the rich tapestry of this innovative culinary venture.
Guests are invited to step into this intriguing narrative and experience dining in a way they never have before. As they navigate through the various rooms, they›re treated to an immersive exploration of The Spanish King›s life while indulging in an extraordinary gastronomic journey. The experience is not just about food but also about the innovative fusion of personal storytelling, history, and gastronomy.