Yota Devices Pavilon, Barcelona | 2014

Project: Yota Devices Pavilion.

Client: Yota.

Location: Barcelona, Spain.

Author: External Reference, Carmelo Zappulla, Nacho Toribio. 

Team: Carlos Bausa, Luca Brucculeri.

LED programming, installation: MID. 

Music: Stefano Vendramin.

Production: Craft Art Labor, Medio Design, Fab Lab.

Uniforms: Chu Uroz.

Photo & Video: Adrià Goula.

Awards: Magazine’s 29th Annual Exhibit Design Awards Competition, Edge Award.

The main goal of the booth is inducing a deep sensory experience through light, music, and projections. Above the pavilion, a topographic ceiling generates an attractive, evocative call, punctuated by the deep music rhythm. Below, an eroded technologic landscape dialogues with the ceiling.

Inside it is made of a series of ribbons and it is smooth, clear and sensual. It embodies all the needs of the Pavilion through simple ribbons deformations: size increasing for encapsulating the devices or size reduction for integrating the projection areas. Moreover, this landscape covers functional areas such as technical rooms and two meeting rooms.

Outside it is the result of the erosion. A dark dotted surface whose pattern allows to perceive the mesmerizing light effects of the inside. All in all, the whole project should be thought of as a welcoming plaza where the visitors can appreciate a sensorial experience and discover the new products showcased by Yota Devices.